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the question for you is, why not? she is a respected and experienced personal accountability partner with a track record of helping individuals achieve their goals and reach new levels of success.

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I'm Kristen VanFosson, your personal accountability partner and mentor, committed to helping you build the foundation necessary to live strongest version your everyday life. I offer tailored support for your goals in both individual and small group settings.

On my website, find the tools aimed at supporting your success journey - goal-setting planners, journals, book recommendations, recipes, downloadable tracking tools, and a regularly updated blog covering relative topics to your journey - health, fitness, mental well-being, habit formation, personal growth, and achievement. Integrate these tools with any of my guided accountability programs to create your personalized roadmap to achievement.

Ready to embrace the power of accountability? Let's embark on this journey, TOGETHER!

i love touching base with everybody.we all have busy schedules and it helps to hear everyone’s struggles and successes. it’s amazing.


kristen really cares about each and every person she is coaching.this made me feel so much more comfortable in the beginning. i’m glad I get to be a part of the bridge!


many thanks to coach kristen for motivating me to live a better lifestyle through healthier eating and exercising as well as meeting all the wonderfulpeople who want the same thing.


joining this group is the best decision I’ve made for “me” in a long time.I love our adventures!!


joining this group over 2 years ago was one of the best decisions i have made.coach kristen and the team are so supportive.i have achieved physical goals i didn’t think possible at my age.


Our family was blessed to be able to work with Coach Kristen at the bridge.  I have two teenage daughters who wanted to learn healthier nutrition habits.  I truly feel we now have a life-long skill that will help us practice easy, healthy and balanced nutrition.


she encourages you, motivates you, inspires you to do your best. she will be just as elated as you are when you make small or big personal wins.it’s mindset, it’s accountability, it’s a lifestyle change that is easily attainable.


i crave her constant motivation and love observing how contagious being a positive influence is not only in my life but in “the bridge” community. this has been the most personal growing experience of my life.


kristen offers a unique balance of holding clients accountable and at the same time, encouraging clients to be kind in their thoughts and words to themselves on this life long journey.


knowing what my triggers are for certain foods has proven to be very helpful.she is truly the most generous and helpful person that I know.


her enthusiasm is contagious, and you’ll look forward to talking with her to share your ongoing successes and break through barriers together. she’s great!


she has been such an inspiration to me for so long. we share so much together and that day that I finally felt like I needed help I knew who to go to.


of everything she taught me, the most valuable has been the importance of meal prepping my breakfast, lunch and snacks for the week. it has proven to be the key to staying on track.


kristen vanfosson made the whole process of how to eat healthy very easy.

jeremy & janie