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In 2018 after several years of running and working out at the gym, my friend and workout buddy mentioned 80 Day Obsession which is a Beachbody program.  She was going to start on Monday.  I was up for a challenge but I was skeptical about this one mainly because I did not want to workout at home and pay more money since I already went to the gym.  So I got up extra early to drive to her house, about 10 minutes away – this is far at 5:30am!  

Several weeks into the program I was hooked and my friend was headed out on summer vacation.  What was I going to do?  I decided to do the 2 week free trial and used the few weights I had purchased MANY years ago, took my computer to the unfinished basement and kept going!  This would get me by until she got back.  By the time she returned from vacay, I was fully committed and happy to not have to drive anywhere to workout, so I signed up!  Seriously $99 for the year and unlimited workouts!  I eventually canceled my gym membership too.

During the program the mention of “containers” kept coming up.  I was yet again intrigued.  It was my sister in law, Sara, who had started to do the original 21 Day Fix with the containers on DVD . It seemed so many people knew about these magic containers so I had to try it.  This is when my LOVE for the containers began.  The 10lbs I had tried for years to lose was falling off and turning into 15lbs AND I WAS EATING MORE FOOD!!   Fun fact, it has stayed off!  First time, EVER! No more up and down on the scale.

In 2019 my mom, my rock, was diagnosed with Multiple Systems Atrophy or MSA.  Prior to the diagnosis and as she became ill, we felt it best that she moved into our home, our dining room in fact, so that we could care for her and have her close until we could figure out the next steps.  

It was during that time I decided that I could let this situation run my life or I could take control of what I could.  It just so happened that my first Fixate cookbook (containers) came in the mail and I handed it to my mom and asked her to pick whatever meals she wanted to try and I would make them for us.  

I quickly realized healthy eating did not have to be boring.  And it was not meant for a time when life was easier or I had more time to commit to myself and the others around me.  This was the time that I chose all the good things and I felt the best I ever had in a situation that I will never be able to explain to anyone because you have your own.  

I finally found the puzzle piece that was missing in a time that was completely out of control, which was yummy healthy food!  Now, my sweet mom is at home smiling and always making the best of any situation which makes her one of my biggest inspirations. And I continue to thrive, taking it one day at a time.  

My drive to learn more and set goals got me a certification in the Ultimate Portion Fix and I began coaching!

emi – coach kristen

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