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I was not born with an athletic gift or the desire.  Something that my Dad would remind me of often because he was.  However, I was intrigued by people that ran.  Honestly, they are typically not smiling when you see them running.  So why do they do it?   Then the unthinkable happened!

It was approximately 10 years ago my dear friend, who is an avid runner, asked to train me for a 5k.  I thought she was crazy but I, again, intrigued.  After all, I always wondered what was so great about running and I thought it would be amazing to be in shape and actually have muscle tone but deeply embedded beliefs kept me from thinking that I could.  So, I SAID YES!

I was committed. My training began with a 15 second run or something like that.   I had my training calendar on my refrigerator for ALL to see and I marked off each and every day through the entire program.  I felt that endorphin rush and knew what it was like to be a “runner” or jogger. 

On our 10 year wedding anniversary almost 10 years ago, with Jeff and the girls cheering me on and Meredith, my coach, by my side, I DID IT!  The unthinkable, I RAN a 5k!!  I will forever be grateful to Meredith for believing in me when I had NO IDEA that I could do it.  It was during this time of my life I FINALLY realized that I CAN and that feels amazing!

Needless to say, goal setting and the love for exercise became a part of my everyday routine.  With my running tribe by my side, I have completed  a couple of half marathons, multiple 5ks and just co-hosted my first 5k with Sara Walkenbach and Happy Healthy Trails, all with the support of my family, friends, my running tribe and now fellow bridgers.

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