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the bridge emi community is my passion project that I DID NOT see coming.  I am a Nutrition and Healthy Habits Coach for those that want to live a healthy lifestyle but continue to be challenged with executing and maintaining those healthy habits for an extended period of time. I want to help all of them and be their partner in health.

Why? Because I was that person until I had enough of my own excuses and the stories that I kept telling myself as to why I couldn’t do it but someone else could.  I spent many years suffering from food sensitivities, to hating the healthy stuff, thinking exercise was not for me and feeling alone with my internal battles.  

Through years of trial and error I have found my sweet spot with my nutrition and fitness. I spent the past 10+ years fine tuning the art of creating healthy habits in all areas of my life and now I am living my own best life and not by someone else’s definitions. 

I have come to the conclusion that the foundation for living a happy and healthy life is through nutrition and fitness. Getting that mastered first has been the key to my success.  If my body is properly fueled and maintained regularly, I feel amazing physically and mentally. Life feels better. Which makes it easier to believe that I CAN and I WANT to do the thing EVERY DAY.

When it comes to creating your foundation of nutrition and fitness, for optimum success, you must remember the formula: nutrition is 80% and fitness is 20%. Therefore, putting a larger emphasis on your nutrition every day is imperative.

I have taken all that I have learned in 20+ years of personal experience as well as education and put it into a 12 week program, “the fundamentals for creating healthy habits”.  I call this my 14er!   If you are not familiar with the term 14er, it is a mountain that has a peak the exceeds 14,000 feet of elevation.  

This program takes a deep dive into the education of macro-nutrients, goal setting, habit forming, how to live a healthy lifestyle and so much more.  Just like hiking to the summit of a 14er, this program is a BIG commitment but worth every minute you put into it.  The view from the top is spectacular and the feeling of accomplishment is life changing. 

Research has shown that it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 year (some even longer) for a person to form a new behavior/habit that has become automatic. While 12 weeks might be long enough to form new habits for some, others will take longer. Having an accountability partner to check in with, adjust your goals as needed and continue on the journey with you, can be beneficial to your continued success of living a healthy lifestyle.  

That was my purpose for creating “set your pace”. This program is a supplemental coaching option for those that have completed “the fundamentals for creating healthy habits”  and might need more time and additional accountability to make their habits automatic.  No journey is exactly the same so it is important to embrace your own no matter how long it takes.

We all have ups and downs in our lives.  In the perfect world these moments would have no effect on us emotionally.  But life isn’t perfect and nor are we.  These are the moments that can trigger the bad habits to resurface.  However, you  can get back on the trail with the program, “energy boost”.   This program is intended for individuals that have been through the “fundamentals for Creating healthy habits” program and would like to reevaluate their goals or have had a setback and need a boost of support.

In recent years, I have taken my healthy lifestyle to the next level beyond my foundation of nutrition and fitness.  I began my quest for self development in all areas of my life.  From healthy habit creation, to living in faith, to facing my fears and how to reach my goals. Living a healthy lifestyle is about finding a balance between your mind, body and spirit that helps you to thrive.

This led me to create my “partner in health” program which is simply accountability coaching to create any new healthy habit, replace a bad habit with a good habit or want to start stacking good habits beyond nutrition and fitness.  No matter the healthy habits you want to create; nutrition, exercise, reading, staying on a budget, an evening and morning routine and so much more – I can help. You will create a personalized habit calendar using the template I have used for years to successfully create new healthy habits. I will walk you through the process and be your accountability partner/coach until it becomes automatic.

My website or what I consider the base camp of my passion project, is filled with resources to help you take the next step on your journey to success.  The investment in you starts at $0. 

You can register for a happy healthy healthy trails adventure which is typically FREE.  Try out FREE healthy and delicious recipes created by freckle face foodie.  Belong to my private Facebook community of bridgers all providing and looking for inspiration and encouragement for FREECommit to various levels of coaching 1:1 or group with me either in person or virtual.  The investment and commitment time vary depending on the program.  The resources section on my website has every book, journal, planner, product and program that I have read, used or done on my journey to living my own best life.

As a Nutrition and Healthy Habits Coach, I encourage you to fuel your body with the right foods, keep your body moving daily through exercise and to keep growing through the kind of education that makes you want more.  

As I mentioned, the bridge emi is my passion project. It will continue to evolve as I do and the specific needs of others.  I feel blessed to have already been a part of so many people’s journeys to live a healthy lifestyle.  I know there is more work to be done, more inspiration to be found and more lives to change.  I will continue to strive to be EXCEPTIONAL, MINDFUL and INSPIRING in all that I do.  I look forward to what the future holds!  

I would love to chat about how I can help you on your journey. Take the first step towards reaching your goals and set up a FREE connection call today!

emi – coach kristen

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